Sunday, 13 February 2011

People of Pakistan. A Comparison.

So, i often thought why people of Pakistan are so quick to provoke. Why do they lose their temper so quickly? Why they are not patient and discipline. Why dont they follow rules? Why that Pakistan is a country where dirt originates, traffic is a complete mess and most importantly there is no respect for your fellow citizens. Well, everybody may approach the issue in their own way. Some might object that’s not the case. Some may agree with me. I still cannot comprehend the attitude associated issues with people. After thinking for some time I still couldn’t reach to a conclusion behind this mess.

After living in UK for the past 6 month I can already tell the problem isn’t with the country. It never was. The problem is not with the people either. Ever since i was little i remember seeing everything in Pakistan as a joke from the candy corner to the rules that ought to be abiding by the road users. So then, is the problem related to the management who failed to comply and enforce it successfully onto the nation? There is more to it than that. Everything in Pakistan is about money. The country is in such a state that no one cares about the rules and regulations let alone follow them. It all comes down to the Government. Let me give you an example. I was on my way back to London from Manchester. The coach i was in announced that seatbelt is absolutely necessary and anyone who found without wearing it will be fine £200. That is bloody too much considering the ticket only cost £25. The end result was everyone had to wear it. There were no exceptions.  Similarly, there are fines and penalty for breaking the law elsewhere and the fine may go up to £1000. With that amount of money haunting you, one wouldn’t dare to do anything stupid unless its a drunk or an idiot. The emphasis here is that there are hard set rules and everyone follows them otherwise u get knocked cold by the Government.

So why is Pakistan so different? Why are the people always in a rush? So eager that the cant even stand in a proper line or park properly? The problem is so deep that you may find yourself digging it until to the very core of the earth. The problem is the corrupt Government. Like they say ‘Money is the root to the evilest way’. Its the money and power that has completely blinded the higher ranks. One such example, i should say prime example, is Zardari. Anyone who does something wrong gets away with it either because he has contacts or he is extremely rich.

I could write on more but for some reason im getting frustrated and angry. I should stop here. Its a pity i have to go back to that country.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Speed Limit Race!

Its funny. People just dont give a break :D

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Life and People in London!

It already has been 5 months since I arrived in London but strangely I never thought about writing bits about the people here. So, let’s get on with it. Unlike most people in Pakistan, the majority or should I say almost every person is very patient. I have never came across a single person who showed signs of agitation, frustration or anger whether they be on road (driving) or in everyday life. Sure, there may have been exceptions but I guess I can’t stick with 62 million people every hour of the day. Apparently, there was this one time when I was in student centre in my university and I had to visit the centre for 2-3 times because I kept missing documents needed for my ID card. On my 4th visit, I seemed to have frustrated two girls standing at the entrance for God knows what purpose. If the purpose was to greet the students, clearly, they failed miserably.

Anyways, when it comes to driving, everyone follows the rules and stick and stay where they are supposed to be. Unlike Paki’s, they give way to others without making an arse out of themselves even if the other person is doing something… bizarre. People here are extremely helpful and friendly. I have yet to encounter any incident that involves ‘racism’. But chances are slim not that I care or anything. Though something tells me it’ll be awful as fuck. The best bit is everything goes according to your plan. If they say a document will be ready in 2 days. It will be ready in 2 days. I am getting accustomed to how things work here. It’s pleasant and fast. Transportation is relaxed, well other than in peak hours. I have not travelled on buses so can’t comment on that.

Ohh, and we have adequate electricity here. Laters!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Free for another post!

Hey guys, been busy so cudnt bounce back. Anyways, I just got my first assignment back (did I tell u im a graduate student doing Energy and Environment?) and I was very glad with the result (72%) although the marks were little less than I was expecting considering the effort of one and a half month that gone into completing it. Well, guess I’ll ask my professor when he gets back. No biggie :-). My focus now has shifted onto the second task in hand. That is, to what extent the energy security consistent with the carbon emission reduction? Well, its proving to be rather difficult for me atm since I cant seem to find the starting line. Been brainstorming for few days now. I guess, I’ll start writing it to see where it leads and how I could handle it later on. But for now, I have asked my friends for a get together in City library so that we could discuss it.

Do pray for my success. I hope and wish for a better future for all of us. Later. 

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Tomb Raider 2011 Reboot Screenshots!

By the looks of the screenshots the game really does look epic. It feels as if Lara will struggle for her life coupled with a paranormal aura of the area and classic graphics. The game looks promising.