Friday, 7 January 2011

Free for another post!

Hey guys, been busy so cudnt bounce back. Anyways, I just got my first assignment back (did I tell u im a graduate student doing Energy and Environment?) and I was very glad with the result (72%) although the marks were little less than I was expecting considering the effort of one and a half month that gone into completing it. Well, guess I’ll ask my professor when he gets back. No biggie :-). My focus now has shifted onto the second task in hand. That is, to what extent the energy security consistent with the carbon emission reduction? Well, its proving to be rather difficult for me atm since I cant seem to find the starting line. Been brainstorming for few days now. I guess, I’ll start writing it to see where it leads and how I could handle it later on. But for now, I have asked my friends for a get together in City library so that we could discuss it.

Do pray for my success. I hope and wish for a better future for all of us. Later. 


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