Tuesday, 30 November 2010

How to customize HTC Desire Sense ui and Widgets.

Right, i have been quite annoyed with my HTC Desire performance and battery life. It stuttered sometime with obvious hint of lag. So i talked to one of my friend and he showed me how to fix it while adding eye candy. Lets begin:

1. Go into settings. Then Applications. Check the box that says 'Unknown Sources'.
2. Go to Market and download ASTRO file manager.  
3. Once thats done. Leave it be for now. 
4. Go to 4shared and download Launcherpro Plus and Beautiful Widgets.
5. After they are downloaded, connect your phone to your computer and create a folder named APK files as shown in this picture. 

Click on the image to enlarge it. 

6. Copy the two downloaded files in this folder. Disconnect your phone. 
7. Open up ASTRO from your phone's menu and it will display the list of folders. Locate the one u named APK files and there should be two files in it. 
8. Install them separately. 

There u go. A completely different experience for your HTC Desire. The animation is ALOT better and smooth now. Unfortunately i cant post the Screen shot of mine because for the screen capture software to work u require a rooted phone.

Example of before and after this setup:



Enjoy. Please leave comment and i'll get back to you incase u need any help. 

Thanks to Shani bhai for this awesome guide. 

Monday, 29 November 2010

Making of - Pagani vs Lamborghini: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Its really amazing how much effort and time they put into making of this video. Check out it out.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Panic Alarm!

I woke up today at 2 PM. After freshening up a bit i went to the kitchen to cook breakfast. I was at it, doing it like any other day when an alarm went off. It was very high pitched and created a panic aura all over the place. I was taken a back by the sudden uptake of the events. Didnt know what to do i was standing there like an idiot when my brother rushed in and turned it off. Turned out it was caused by the smoke of my cooking :D. I forgot to turn on the exhaust. 

Damn, but it sure gave me a fright. :D

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Another Assassins Creed coming in 2011.

We just received Assassins Creed Brotherhood and people already want to know if there will be more. And yes, apparently there will be another assassins creed in 2011. It is not confirmed if it is AC3 or something else. But hey who cares, we are getting more assassinations to do.  

For more detials Kotaku

Day with supercars.

So far, i have only seen Ferarri 599 GTO, Lambo gallardo, Aston Martins, Bentlay and Audi R8. I think i would have to wait till summer to see something exotic again. I cant wait too see Ferarri f430, McLaren SLR and Lambo Murcielago. Damn Snow >.<

Well, i still have plenty of time here. I'll get to see them soon. But as topic suggests. My brother had a chance to sit in all the beasts out there and he did.


Friday, 26 November 2010

Steam is offering free games!

From 24th to 29th November. Steam is offering 5 games free of cost during its 'Give and Get sale'. All you have to do is sign in to your steam account and add 5 games to your wish list. Each day during the sale, 30 people will get their free games. ohh, and it is random :D

Here is my wishlist:

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Concept art for L4D2 infected.

I recently came across the making of the special infected in Left 4 Dead 2. Charger, Spitter and Jockey. God, i loved watching it especially the spitter 'fat' version. 

You can check them out at L4D blog:

Charger concept
Spitter concept
Jockey concept


I went shopping today.

Its been ages since i last bought something. Well, if you exclude my recent shopping before coming to UK. That was a necessity :P Anyhow, i went to Ealing Broadway that is huge but not as big and massive as Westfield is. It did the job though. I was looking for an overcoat for myself since it wont be long before the temperature goes below 0. 

I tried some coats but they were all too big for me. It made me feel small lol. But then, luckily, i managed to find one that fit perfectly. Too perfectly infect. Thankyou GOD. You listened to and replied back instantly.

So, after i got some more stuff, gloves, some jumpers and a hat (im not showing you that) i went back to this large empty area that had a big tree in the centre of the mall. I wished it was night since it was all lit up. Must look fascinating at night. 


I was with my aunt and she went into a shop that had sofa's and dining table, cups and that sort of stuff. I saw 3 penguins on a sofa and they looked cute so im going to show u that too. 

That concluded my day. I went back home after that. Driving here for old ladies can be a problem to some. Like when i was coming back. The car in front of us stopped in the middle of the road after seeing an on-coming vehicle instead of stopping at side to let it pass. She stood there doing nothing for more than 5 minutes. The patience in the on coming vehicle ran out and he started honking. We were parked at the side, so passed the still 'dont-know-what-to-do' old lady and told her to reverse and give way lol. It cleared up. Something tells me that old lady wont be coming out till Christmas. 


Get a Rise!

omg, i have been listening to this song and its pretty damn good. Just how many times i have listened to it, i cant state simply because i have lost count.

and guess what.. its a soundtrack in the latest NFS: Hot Pursuit as well. I haven't gotten round to play the game yet. But judging by this soundtrack. It seems fun and MAD!

Steam Sale and more sale!

Guys, guys, guys.

Steam has awesome offers for games. You can pick 10 copies of Half-Life just for 14£. This is the best chance to send gifts to your family and friends.

Head over right now @ Steam

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My Journey to London!

So I woke up today. Today is my flight to London. After two years of wait and struggle, the time has finally arrived. It’s 2nd September 2010. And I am on my way to one the biggest cities in the world… London. Its 4 AM in the morning and im just lying there thinking how the day would pass. 9 hours on an airplane is no easy task, especially for those who are it for the first time.

I took a shower. When I came out, my father and mother already were waiting for me so they asked me to eat breakfast. After I was finished eating. I went back in my room and started a last minute check to see if everything is in order and everything is there. I changed into my clothes and went and sat with my mother. Who knows when I would be able to meet her again so I was sitting there… filling myself up with her warmth.

After a while later. My friends arrived. So I put on my trainers. Grab my suitcase and handbag. Grabbed my iPod nano. Bid my last farewell to my family. It was very hard for me to look at my mother in those last moments. I knew if our eyes met I would not be able to hold back my tears.

After everything was cleared and my journey started. I had to sit for whole 9 hours on a single wooden chair that was as congested as an egg trying to squeeze in a bottle. After 9 hours, I arrived in what I first seemed. A jungle. It was green. Everything was green and clean. My first impression was as if I have walked into a court that is about give its judgement. Strict and organised.

My brother was there to pick me up. I was astonished by how things work here. Every one was patient and yet fast in a dignified manner. I saw my first Astin Martin on airport. An Audi R8 on my way back from airport. The traffic was congested but very disciplined. We arrived home shortly. Houses/apartments here are different than what i was used to live in. U don’t get a canal house here. U don’t get a garage the size of a football stadium here. It is as if they try to gain as much as they can out of every little space. Im used to it now. Its good.

We went to have a BBQ at some Iranian restaurant later that night. It was nice. It has started to get cold here now. Temperature will soon start to go in minus (-). Its terrible in cold here.

My days are passing by and im looking forward to the day when I could see my mom again. I love you mother!

Cat Betrayed by her Lover!

hahaha. Man, when it comes to cats. I have a soft spot for them. They are soo cute and full of life. Heck, sometimes i even wish i could eat one.. well, not literally. Though we have something different in our hands here. Check it out.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Elder Scrolls V anyone?

Yea baby. Its in production and on its way. It will be a sequel to its predecessor The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  Cant wait. The IV part was so addicting and in-depth. I wonder what Bethesda is going to do with the latest entry.  

Read the news @ Digitaltrends

RAGE for iOS Review!

Finally, its out. The game Rage is out for iPhone platforms. There are two versions. Simple Rage and Rage HD. Where HD is designed to work best with the more powerful iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone 4.

Read the review @ PC Perspective

My Brother is a Club Racer!

I dont know where to start off from lol. He got his bike Suzuki GSXR-600 way back in 2006/7. He has a thing for bikes. In other words, he is insane :). He started riding ever since then. Eventually, he moved onto track days with some of his mates and it was concluded he was the fastest amongst them. Here are some pictures:

lol cleaning.

These days, he is club racing with pretty neat results. He came 4th the last time he raced and 8th before that :P

 I love this last picture.

He is planning on to race next year as well. I will keep u guys posted.. maybe a little in detail next time :P

Something about my College.

This is College of Earth and Environmental Sciences. You know it as soon as u set foot on its ground. There is Garbage at the back of the lawn, though it is less in quantity, it is deadly in sorroundings. If u are in a car, you are safe. However, dont ride ur bike, rather get off walk with it - literally. Because there is no guaranty who u might hit. 

I remember it very well. It was almost 4 years ago when i was admitted in this madhouse. Nothing has changed much since. Infect it has gone worse. 

I'll give u 1000Rs. if u could find me a spot in Computer lab. It is soo overly crowded as though u are stuck in a pool of Sand Grains. But dont blame them. They have got nothing to do with it. Blame their parents, who wouldnt buy their children personal computers. So they use College's computers to check their E-mails or to reply to facebook messages the amount of AirBus windows. 

You wouldnt dare to sit in the open area situated right in front of the building either. The smell of the sewage would push u away. However, if u do manage to sit somehow. you couldnt be urself afterwards. Your mind would constantly pop back & forth in ur skull desperate to find a way out. 

If u think this is nothing. Try entering in one of the washrooms on the upper floor. Ohh Boy! I am ready to bet. You may have smell dirty green fungicated socks of ur roomate. You may even have smell rotten eggs. But u wouldnt, in no-way, have smell the bruises lashing out from this nightmare. I rather wet myself or leak into a dustbins ofcourse but to have a go in there. 

I wonder what kind of environment we will be examining or sniffing once we have graduated! Gold help us.

Something about wheels!

Let us talk about why we have kept our car, which is almost new... if u could take it 22 years back.

Right, there are many strong facts which held us back from selling it. Like, when it rains, water comes inside the car. But still, Engine wouldnt stop running, because i think that the car knew if i die on them completely, they'd shut me off for good. Instead it has a very bubbling Diplomacy. Just as a mosqitue suck ur blood every night... slowly but fatal.

Other factors include the Exterior. It looks as though it had been made from a mold by a group of annoying Henchmen. Especially the backend. There is no enough space for a new born baby. You couldn't see what is on the road either if there are no street lights. Conclude? - Its pathetic.

Yes... About the engine. Atleast something is fine in the car. You couldn't blame it entirely as it manage to keep u alive since its top speed is only 60Mph. Dont ask for 0-60 because this had been made for cars who would do it in seconds.. not in minutes.

No ABS, no traction, no electronic gadgetary, infect they hadn't put anything in this car except brakes and a set of wheels ofcourse. Then only it costs less than a 100 pounds. 

Now tell me one thing. How could u leave ur heritage? Especially if it still rolls?

Monday, 22 November 2010

How Apple's AirPlay Is About to Change Your Life

I'm totally bewildered by feature next iOS 4.2 is bringing. It lets you play your music and videos speakers and screens around your house, without plugging anything in.

Sounds strange? U havent read anything. Check this link out for further details. 

Apple Airplay

How to Cook Eggplant: Student Guide :)

Right, i thought i should share this delicious recipe with students who love to cook their own food. You can guarantee to save money this way as well as to eat clean food.

First off: Get 2 Eggplants, 2 tomatoes, 1 onion, salt, chilli, cumin seeds, oil, dry green chillies, yoghurt and ginger/garlic paste.

Cut each eggplant in 4 pieces.
Cut onion in 4 pieces.
Cut tomatoes in 4 equal pieces.

Take some oil, and put everything in it. Add salt and chilli according to ur taste (I added 1 tablespoon each). Add 1 tea spoon of ginger/garlic paste. Add 1-2 glass of water in it (that everything is completely soaked in it). Add yoghurt (3 table spoons). Cover it and let the steam build up.

It should look like this in the picture on right side.

After steam has built up. Let it cook for some time until everything becomes tender and soft. If it is not. Cook it for some more time and add water if need be. Dont forget to stir from time to time.

When it becomes soft, ie, soluble. Stir it at regular intervals and cook some more until you see that water is completely evaporated and oil is separated.

It will look something like this:

Mix everything together. Its almost ready. When
the colour is changed to golden brown. It is ready.

Serve with rice.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Angry Birds are not Angry Enough?

If your bored with your usual birds that are upset and angry. You have got urself a treat coming up. This new game has alot of devastation and frenzy in it. Its called 'Trucks and Skulls'.

Check the review @ Trucks and Skulls

Age of Empires for $0.10

Yes, the price is real. So this is the best time to pick your copies if u havent already done so. 

Get the game @ GameforWindows

Saturday, 20 November 2010

009 Sound System - Born to be Wasted

A random song i came acros while youtubing. :P Nice beat.

Music of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill being one of the most popular game of all time has some of the most soul touching, rhythm-matic and inspirational music. Recently i have started playing Silent Hill Homecoming and i must say the game has a sense of creepiness. It feels like ur lost, stuck somewhere in a loophole.

The music given to the game is awesome. Check these tracks:



Cold Blood

Tears of Tiara

I Want Love

Difference between British and Pakistani University Management.

In Punjab University (Lahore):

Me: I need completion certificate.
Management: Deposit 300. Collect tomorrow.
Tomorrow (Me): Hello, i am here to collect my completion certificate.
Management: its 10 AM, come back at 12.
At 12 PM: Certificate?
Management: It has not been signed yet. Come tomorrow.
Next day at 12 PM: Is my certificate ready?
Management: I am busy atm. See me later. 
Me (After sometime): Mam, can i get my certificate now?
Management: We are off now. Come tomorrow.
After a month: Mam, i beg you to give me my certificate. 
Management: Whats ur name?
Me: Affan
Management: 'after looking at the desk' Its lost. Inform office, they will make u another. 
Me: ........

City University London:

Me: I need a letter from university to help me open up my Bank Account. 
Management: Please collect it tomorrow from student centre.
Next Day (Me): Thank you for the letter and opening up my Bank Account. 

Friday, 19 November 2010

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Review

Yaaay. Its out. I waited for so long for this game. I must admit the game is really outstanding in many ways. Firstly, its amazing how the creators have actually built the cities after studying them. Voice overs are fantastic and the overall storyline keeps u in ur seat for hours and hours. 

Read the full review @ Gamespot

Welcome to eMachinee!

I was thinking about starting a blog from some time. Finally, i have set it up today. As of now, i have lots to do, lot to research and learn how blogging works and what can i do to make it more user-friendly.

Blog name sounds strange lol. I just sort of went with flow and named it eMachine. Though it looks nice :P

Please feel free to recommend newbie something of worth and importance so that i can live my life happily :D