Friday, 31 December 2010

Half Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art

The conncept art for Half Life 2: Episode 3 (finally) has been uncovered via the 2008 IntoThePixel E3 art gallery. It shows Gordon Freeman standing close to that worm :D (yea i call it a fat worm) in a massive ruins of the Citadel.

Just to remind you, Valve said they won't be showing Ep. Three at the E3 this year (damn).

Monday, 27 December 2010

Fate/Zero getting an anime!

Best anime of all time: Fate/Stay Night now has a green light for its prequel. Its called Fate/Zero. The story is set a decade before Fate/stay night and reveals the 4th Holy Grail War that sets the stage for the war in the software.

Cant wait.

More info @ Fate/Zero

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Prototype 2

Murder your maker was indeed Prototype 2. U get to play with a solider Sergant James who was oversee in some war only to return to find himself in a mess. His family was killed by Alex so he injects himself with the same virus to take down Alex. 

Friday, 10 December 2010

Listening to Roger Waters at 4 AM.

Its Friday today. Well, it already was past 12 when I left laptop to go to sleep. So that makes it Saturday. It was 3 in the morning when my brother called me to check if I was asleep. We both couldn’t sleep so he asked me to check the TV if anything worth watching was on. Nothing was on it so we shut it off. I went to the kitchen to get some cake. When I came back my brother told me to play Roger Water’s Amused to death on the iPod. Room was very dimly lit and when the music played. I cant tell you how good that felt. It was as though u were a feather that drifted away with the breeze. It felt soothing and relaxing. Its 4:07 AM atm and the music is still playing as I write this down.

Somehow I feel light. I feel calm. I must be mad, blogging at this hour. But then again, who cares. I have a moment that was worth sharing. So i did. 

Next time if u cant sleep. Try listening to Roger Waters. Im sure u'll go to sleep quickly. 

Im going now.. i think i should sleep now. Laters!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

5 minutes off my mind.

Silence fell at night
When I woke up 
Heard u were gone
I lay there on my back wondering
Why am I alone now?
When we spent time together

You never cared nor spoke
You never once understood me
I cried, felt pain and fear
As I see you walk away
Come back. That’s all I cud say. 

Tears roll down my cheek
Brining with them a ray of hope
Life is lived once, not twice
I don’t need you, I don’t want you
Cried silently as I spoke those words

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Gingerbread Launcher for Android 2.2

For those who cant wait to have a go at the newest Android OS ie, 2.3 gingerbread. This application, which can be found in Android market, could give a taste of the new OS. Just search for 'gingerbread Launcher'.

You dont need a rooted phone for this to work. 

Source @ Lifehacker

Someone is targeting... Batman!

From the looks of this teaser. Someone in Arkham city is hunting.. or at least trying to hunt batman. 

Ohh it seems like Joker is back again. >.< And hes on drip. 

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

New Details on Tomb Raider Reboot.

New details are out for the young Lara croft. The game will have an open end world with base camps where Lara could upgrade her skills and equipments. Free aiming is back instead of the 'lock-on' target system. Lara will require food and water to survive. 

Ohh and did i tell u that she wil be 21? :D Yea baby. Hot hot!

Tomb Raider: New Game: How it all began?

Forget everything you know about Lara Corft.. says Crystal Dynamic. The game will simply be titled Tomb Raider and it will be an origin story of how Lara Corft came to be such a hot babe :D. The game will show inexperienced Lara Croft struggling both physically and emotionally to survive after a brutal storm destroys the boat she was travelling on.

Read the full article @ Gamespot

Monday, 6 December 2010

My Own Shop for Custom T-shirts!

Finally, i have been trying to get it up and running and finally i managed to do it. Have a look at my shop for the custom t-shirts. I can design any t-shirt according to your suit and taste provided u dont like the ones i have already made.

A sample :)

Do leave comments and suggestions.


Link to shop @ IMmachine shop

Things that i like and hate about htc Desire.

After switching over to Android from iPhone was a bit tough for me. Android, at first, was difficult to navigate and/or approach to applications but that washed away after little use. I am quite happy with the overall package Desire provides although there are some holes that needs to be covered. I hope the new OS (2.3 gingerbread) does that. 

Right, lets move onto things that i like and dislike. 

Things that i dislike:

1. Not Stable:

It is not stable. I am not sure what is not. It could either be OS 2.2 Froyo or the applications themselve. Since im new to this whole android thing. I find it a bit disappointing when u look at the cost of the phone (400£) and compare it to iPhone 3G/3GS. iPhone's OS is 'alot' stable and faster than Android's. 

There have been numerous occasions where application just stopped working all of a sudden and i had to force close it. 

2. Battery Life

It sucks. If your going to stuff in all sorts of widgets, media player, browsing, games and camera in a phone. Why wont u fit it with a better battery? Phone keeps dying after every 7-8 hours of use. That really needs to be sorted out. 

3. Music Player:

Its just average. Nothing like iPod. 

Things that i like:

1. Home screens:

Ohh Joy, Probably the best thing about owning a desire is its home screens. Its soo much fun just going through them even if your not doing anything. U cud easily spend a day doing all sorts of stuff on it. You can increase or decrease the home screens according to your taste. The maximum number of screens are 7. 

This one have 6.

2. Customization:

Although the Android market is very small compared to iPhone's but that doesnt come into consideration when you start customizing your phone. There are awful lot of variety to chose from. Like for example, there are tons of different widgets that allows you to customize your weather/clock on homescreen. Widgets for docks, icons, wallpapers, battery, lock screen, quota usage, memory usage, music players, navigation and what not. 

Some of them completly changes the layout of your desire and the way it works.. Launcherpro Plus for example. It adds dock at the bottom and provides smooth and fast animations to your menu. 

Overall, the phone still has some problems but the overall package doesnt let you bother it. 

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Some of my Favourite Animes.

I have been watching animes from sometime now. Thought I shud share some of my favourite with you lot.

1. Fate/Stay Night

Its simply the BEST Anime ever made. No matter how many times i watch it... or how many times i listen to its Sound tracks, there is always room for more.


It’s about a war for Holy Grail among 7 Masters and their servants. Each pair must eliminate other in order to obtain the Holy Grail.

This anime has the best storyline thats soo in-depth... it will suck u right in. The relationship that build-up with the passage of time.. and how they make up for each other weaknesses.. is just outstanding. The anime has such a strong feeling of storyline progression, action and romance that u feel involved.

Animation is superb.. the voice over’s are amazing.. and soundtracks.. GOD.. i cant tell u how good they are. They feel perfectly in sync with the scenes and are very touchy.

The best bit about the anime I find particularly attractive is that the action starts right off from the start and goes on till the last episode. The pace of the story has been brilliantly done.

This anime speaks for itself.

It is highly recommended.

Other favourite animes are with no particular order:

  1. Code Geass
  2. School Rumble
  3. Bleach
  4. Sora No Otoshimono
  5. Full Metal Alchemist
  6. Full Metal Panic
  7. Vampire Knight
  8. Lunar Legend tsukihime
  9. Ouran High School Host Club
  10. Elfen Lied
and the list goes on. I dont even remember half of them :P

Murder your Maker.. Prototype 2?

By the looks of the teaser trailer. It looks pretty much like Prototype. Glimpse of New York city with the same red web we know from Prototype, the first game. 

Lets hope it is. I loved killing people :P

Survey - What wud u like to see in Assassins Creed 3?

Ubisoft is considering cooperative online multiplayer, a crafting system for bombs, and improved Eagle Vision in the next Assassin's Creed sequel, according to a UK marketing survey currently being taken.

I tried to take the survey but it said i didnt fit its demographic criteria whatever the helll that is. 

i would love to play it in cooperative mode. Must be hell lot of fun. 

you can find the survey here

Let me know what u guys come up with. 

Source @ kotaku

Friday, 3 December 2010

The Spire.. game like portal?

The Spire is an upcoming adventure game that is played in first person. 

A man is stuck in a deep facility somewhere in Antarctic, who has lost his memories. Not only that but when he wakes up he finds a weird tool attached to his arm which works like the gravity gun from Half-Life 2. 

Sadly the release date is TBA. 

Source @ kotaku

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Team Fortress 2 Beta.. and People.

Right, Most of you probably have heard about the online shooter game TF2 or Team Fortress 2 by Valve. It is now in Beta stage. That means that valve is asking people to play the game to try out new changes in the system and/or gameplay mechanics. For instance like the three different new versions of Natascha and some map tweaks. 

Head over to Valve for more info @ Team Fortress 2 Beta

Closest Uncharted game for iPhone/iPad?

Check this game out for iPhone and iPad. Rip off ehh?

How to increase HTC Desire's battery life.. it really works.

I was searching the internet for ways that could improve htc Desire's battery life when i stumbled upon this article. I tried what it suggests and it really did work for me. Battery life has improved significantly. 

Here is what u have to do:

1. Turn your device ON and Charge the device for 8 hours or more
2. Unplug the device and Turn the phone OFF and charge for 1 hour
3. Unplug the device Turn ON wait 2 minutes and Turn OFF and charge for another hour Your battery life should almost double, we have tested this on our devices and other agents have seen a major difference as well.

Try it. just follow these steps ONLY.